Chapter 122

Harrisburg, PA

10 May '17: National Prayer Flight Sign In or Register to add photos

I was asked to help with PRAYER FLIGHT, where a plane flies over a state capitol and prays during the National Day of Prayer. Since no one else would take Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, I decided to TAKE THEM ALL and do them ALL in one day, in addition to the NATION'S CAPITOL! Filed an SFRA plan and away we go! 4.5 hours later I covered all four state capitols and then the nation's capitol. Great day of flying cross country covering a LOT of ground. Next year, please consider joining me as it is a real blessing to do this. Mike Marra, EAA 122
Annapolis, Maryland
Dover, Delaware
Trenton, New Jersey
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
N714AJ - the plane the Good Lord provides
My GIDEONS Testament
My route of flight!
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